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Other Research Activities

1) Design and construction of one ton cupola furnace and commissioned in I.U.T. 1982.
2) Developments in malleablizing heat treatment cycle, I.U.T. 1983.
3) Production and properties of Hi-Aluminum gray cast iron, I.U.T. 1983
4) Design and production of ductile iron by in-mold treatment technique, I.U.T. 1984
5) The best method for ductile iron production in small foundries, I.U.T 1986
6) Application of Accelerating Cooling of Rebar’s Steel in the Isfahan Steel Company; 1995
7) Application of Hot Charging of Slabs in the Mobarekeh Steel Company,
8) Production of IF Steels in the Mobarekeh Steel Company; 1999
9) Production of DP Steel in the Mobarekeh Steel Company, 2004
10) Study on the thermomechanical behavior of 1.7765 steel. 2004
11) Study on the thermomechanical behavior of one special steel. 2004
12) Comparison of mechanical and metallurgical properties of hollow and solid forging products.2004

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