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1) Silver Medal for second rank of the B.Sc. graduation from Sharif University of
Technology, Tehran, Iran, 1971.
2) One of my paper select by Science Direct such as TOP25 Hottest Articles in 2004;
3) Selected by Isfahan University of Technology as a greatest citation number per
publications in 2006;
4) Selected as a dominant Metallurgical Professor in the 11th Annual Conference of
Iranian Metallurgical Engineers Society and 19th annual Conference of the Iranian
Foundryman Society, 23-25 October 2007
5) The 3th rank of Applied Research in the 20th Kharazmi Festival, 2007
• Proceeding of Steel Symposium 75
• Proceeding of Steel Symposium 78
• Mechanical Metallurgy

ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف ایرانی