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Technical Reports

1) A. Najafi-Zadeh, "Interaction of Fatigue and Creep at 550 oC in Incoloy 800"
2) A. Najafi-Zadeh, "Investigating to Problems of the Isfahan Steel Mill School of
Metallurgy and Proposing a New System of Management for its Improved
Operation" On the Request of the Isfahan Steel Mill Management, 1981.
3) A. Najafi-Zadeh, "The Effects of different Factors on the Design and Production
of Ingot Molds", I.U.T. 1988
4) A. Najafi-Zadeh, "More than 20 Reports on Materials Selection, Manufacturing
Processes and Quality Control" 1980-1988.
5) A. Najafi-Zadeh, Application of Accelerating Cooling of Rebar’s steel in the
Isfahan Steel Company;
6) A. Najafi-Zadeh, Application of Hot Charging of Slabs in the Mobarekeh Steel
7) A. Najafi-Zadeh, Production of IF Steels in the Mobarekeh Steel Company;
8) Production of DP Steel in the Mobarekeh Steel Company,